Thirasara Yugayak 2017 Educational and Commercial Exhibition


Based on Sustainable Development Goals, Renewable Energy, Demand Side Management, Electricity Generation, Energy and Climate, Energy Development Projects, ‘Thirasara Yugayak 2017’, the educational and commercial exhibition was held at BMICH from March 31, 2017 to April 04, 2017. ‘Thirasara Yugayak’ is an annual exhibition held corresponding to the three-year national program ‘Thirasara Yugayak’.
Hand in hand with the Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) made an admirable contribution to the exhibition. Participants were interested in different aspects of power, new projects such as Broadlands Hydro Power Project, energy saving methods, electric car charging and stations, smart cards and progress of electricity supply to the country (99.7%).
The image depicts a demonstration on Norochchole Power Plant and Broadlands Hydro Power Project.