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Vision “Enrich Life Through Power”



To develop and maintain an efficient, coordinated and economical system of electricity supply to the whole of Sri Lanka, while adhering to our core values

  • Quality

  • Service to the nation

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Commitment

  • Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Sustainability


About Us


Our Management

Board Members

Designation Name Profession
Chairman Mr. W. B. Ganegala Email – chairmanceb@ceb.lk
Vice Chairman Mr. W.A. Gamini Wanasekara Management & Legal Consultant Attorney-at-Law  Email – vcceb@ceb.lk
Working Director Mr. W.R.G. Sanath Bandara Attorney-at-Law Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths Email – wdceb@ceb.lk
Member Mr. T. D. S P. Perera Addl. Secretary (Industry Development), Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Member Mr. S.D.A.B. Boralessa Additional Secretary, Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government
Member Mr. R. Semasinghe Director General, Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Finance
Member Ms. K.P.D.J.G. Kariyawasam Attorney-at-Law
Corporate Management Team
Designation Name Profession
General Manager Mr. A K.  Samarasinghe Chartered Engineer

Email –gm@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Generation) Mrs. D Tilakasena Chartered Engineer

Email –agmgen@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Transmission) Mr. P L G Kariyawasam Chartered Engineer

Email –agmtr@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 1) Mr. P C C Perera Chartered Engineer

Email – agmdd1@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 2) Mr. M A D N Gratien Chartered Engineer

Email – agmdd2@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 3) Mrs. A D Tillekeratne Chartered Engineer

Email – agmdd3@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 4) Mr. D D K Karunaratne Chartered Engineer

Email – agmdd4@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager

(Asset Management)

Mr. G A Jayantha Chartered Engineer

Email – agmam@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager (Corporate Strategy) Mrs. N W K Herath Chartered Engineer

Email – agmcs@ceb.lk

Additional General Manager


Mr. S D W  Gunawardena Chartered Engineer

Email – agmpr@ceb.lk

Finance Manager Mr. T K Liyanage Chartered Accountant

Email – fm@ceb.lk

About Us


Facts and FiguresSUMMARY STATISTICS  –   2014

* Calculated on Net Generation CSC – Consumer Service Centres POS – Point of Sales P.P.P. – Private Power Purchase. (a) – Estimated. (b) – Provisional Note – (1) All financial data are provisional.              (2) Revenue in 2014 includes FAC. (Domestic – up to 15/09/2014                   Non Domestic Categories – up to 14/11/2014)               (3) Tariff structure changed effective from ● Domestic –                                         16/09/2014 ● Non Domestic Categories – 15/11/2014

About Us


Ceylon Electricity Board is a body corporate established on the 1st November 1969 under the Act of Parliament No. 17 of 1969. It is empowered to generate electrical energy, transmit the same and distribute it to reach all categories of consumers and to collect the revenue. It is also empowered to acquire assets, including human resources following the approved procedures. It is the duty of the CEB to make the optimal use of the resources through the application of pragmatic and time-tested managerial methods.

What We Do ?

Ceylon Electricity Board , A close scrutiny of the CEB’s mission would reveal that the functions of the CEB encompass major human, social and economic aspects. The availability, reliability and quality dimensions certainly highlight the degree to which we should orient our functions to delight the customer. These are also the major concerns of commercial and industrial customers of CEB, which provide job opportunities to our people and to contribute to the economic and thereby the social development of our people and of our country.

The environmental dimensions encompass a mandatory requirement that the activities of the CEB should be to provide a clean and a green atmosphere where healthy human existence could be guaranteed. The affordable criteria highlight two aspects.  In the first instance, the commodity of the CEB, namely the electrical energy, should be within the reach of our people who could make use of it to catalyze the development of the socio-economic process.

This brings us to the second aspect, which is a major challenge to all the employees in the CEB. Our planning process, implementation strategies, distribution methodologies and revenue collection action should be geared to provide electricity affordable to the customer and to see that all these processes respect the availability, reliability, quality and environmental criteria.

It is also important to realize that we should be able to generate sufficient cash to successfully provide the above processes and to have a reasonable internal cash generation to endeavor into future development needs.

Our Statutory ObligationsSection 11: Ceylon Electricity Board Act No. 17 of 1969It shall be the duty of the Board, with effect from the date of the transfer to the Board of Government Electrical Undertakings under Section 18, to develop & maintain an efficient, coordinated & economical system of electricity supply for the whole of Sri Lanka.Section 38: Ceylon Electricity Board Act No. 17 of 1969

It shall be the duty of the Board to exercise its powers and perform its Functions so as to secure that the revenues of the Board are sufficient to meet its total outgoing properly chargeable to revenue account including depreciation and interest on capital and to meet a reasonable proportion of the cost of the development of the services of the Board.