CEB Customer Service Centers to be Rated

Ceylon Electricity Board, being the electricity provider to the whole island, must reach out to every single citizen effectively. Customer Service Center(CSC) is the bridge between Ceylon Electricity Board and the customer. With the development of our society, the requirements and expectations of the customer has gone high. In order to address this situation and to provide a better service to the customers, it is proposed to measure the customer care performance of CSCs by giving a rating to all CSCs of CEB.
The proposed rating system is multi-disciplinary. It will evaluate several performance aspects such as technical performance, customer service, productivity etc.
Once a rating is given to a CSC, that will be valid for a certain period and it shall be displayed in the Customer Care Center.
All the CSCs must obtain the minimum rating within a period of one year. If a certain CSC is unable to gain this rating, it should strive to obtain it, the following year. Participation in this rating system is compulsory for all CSCs.
The proposed rating system is supposed to upgrade the productivity of the Customer Service Centers while providing an excellent service to the customers throughout the island.