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CEB Requests PUCSL to Verify Calculations with CEB and Ministry before Publishing

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) recently uploaded a document titled “Electricity Generation Costs” to its website, indicating what it deemed as unit cost of generation from six selected plants including Coal power. As per the report, the unit cost of oil fired thermal plants, which were among the most expensive sources of power generation, is 45% cheaper than that of the proposed Coal power plant at Sampur. As PUCSL calculations could mislead public and decision makers, CEB sent a letter to PUCSL highlighting the mistakes and requesting a correction. CEB had also given in its reply the actual unit costs from the same list of plants, which significantly differ from PUCSL figures.
(Click here http://www.ceb.lk/ceb-corrects-misleading-generation-costs-of-coal-power-plants-published-in-the-pucsl-website/ )
In response, PUCSL had replied back, disagreeing to make the correction. In PUCSL’s reply, the commission had emphasized that its report is based on “present costs” and comparing them with past costs is misleading.
The General Manager CEB in its latest reply dated 2nd January 2018 disputed PUCSL’s latest claim and listed the sources of all PUCSL data, which according to CEB reply are either forecasted or estimated values and none are “present” costs. In its reply, the General Manager also reiterated PUCSL to “verify figures officially from either CEB or Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy before publishing them in their website before public and stakeholders are misled by any likely mistake and would lead to a general mistrust of reports and figures published by PUCSL”.
The PUCSL letter and CEB reply can be downloaded from the link below.
Reply by GM CEB dated 2018-01-02

PUCSL letter dated 2017-12-18