Employee Day of CEB

A special programme to mark the Employee Day of CEB, was conducted on 29-07-2017 at CEB Headquarters, with the participation of Hon Minster for Power & Renewable Energy Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, General Manager CEB Eng. A K Samarasinghe and other officials.
During the programme, CEB employees who worked tirelessly during the Meethotamulla calamity and also in providing a steady electricity service to the people of the areas affected by the recent flood, were awarded certificates of appreciation by the Hon Minister. He stated that the admiration goes to the combined effort of all employees from Additional General Manager to Trainee Technician and that CEB employees should work together for the benefit of the public, the consumers and for the sake of the good name of CEB.
Afterwards, a special session to listen to employee grievances was held and many employees participated in the session.