Launching of Prepaid CEB e-Card

New prepaid CEB e-Card for CEB Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station for paying for charging Electric Vehicles was introduced on 20 October 2016. A CEB Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station is located at Kelanitissa Power Station premises in Colombo and installing many such stations in island-wide is in progress.

Charging of an EV by using the e – Card was officially commenced at CEB EV Charging Station with the patronage of Hon. Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya and customers made their purchase of the e – Cards at CEB headquarters in the presence of Mr. W.A.G Wanasekera; Vice Chairman, Mrs. Y.M .Samarasinsghe; General Manager of CEB and other members of CEB management on 20 October 2016

Instructions to Prepaid CEB Energy Cardholder and Terms & Conditions of CEB e-Card are stated below.

 Purpose of the Prepaid CEB e -Card and General Information

The Purchasers of this e-Card may use it at any CEB Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging            Station   for paying for charging Electric Vehicles.  It shall be the Cardholder’s duty to ensure   compatibility of the Charging Station interface with that of the EV that is to be charged.

Cost for EV charging is calculated based on the tariff approved by Public Utilities Commission Sri      Lanka.

Time of use DC Fast Charging


Level2 AC



Day Time (05.30 Hrs to 18.30 Hrs) 50 30
Peak Time   (18.30 Hrs to 22.30 Hrs) 70 55
Off Peak Time (22.30 Hrs to 05.30 Hrs)  30 20




  1. Loading e-Card

The e-Card is sold for Rs 400 at present and it is enabled to hold funds up to Rs. 10,000, which limit may be subject to revision from time to time. When so required, CEB will make public announcements related to such revisions.

  1. Refunds of Balance after Cancellation of the e-Card at the request of Cardholder

The funds will be refunded on receipt of cardholder request for cancellation of e-card while withholding 10% of the funds available on the e-Card for the cost of administration incurred.


  1. Suspension, Restriction or Cancellation of e-Card by CEB

CEB e-Card at all times will remain a property of CEB. CEB may at any time suspend or restrict the right of use or cancellation of the CEB e-Card at its sole discretion, if CEB reasonably believes that:

  • There exist concerns about security of your account or CEB e-Card/s that have been issued to you, or
  • CEB e -Card had been or is being used for unlawful activities
  • A regulatory requirement is likely to be breached

CEB will inform the Cardholder of such suspension, restriction or cancellation as soon as we are permitted to do so. These matters will be duly reported to the relevant enforcement agencies by CEB, without reference to the Purchaser/Cardholder.

  1. Our Liability

CEB shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from: any cause which results from natural, abnormal or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control; or our compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, loss or corruption of data unless caused by CEB’s or its employee’s willful act.

  1. Indemnity

The cardholder hereby agrees to indemnify CEB for instructions acted upon in good faith in accordance with any notice, demand or other communication purported to be given by telephone or facsimile by the cardholder or on his behalf regardless of the circumstances prevailing at the time of receipt of the instruction.


  1. Authorising Transactions

An e-Card transaction is authorised by the cardholder at the charging point, when the e-Card is touched over a card reader. In an event of communication failure, e-Card transaction is authorised by the cardholder at the point of sale, when PIN of your e-Card is entered.


  1. Transaction Details

CEB recommends that cardholder checks the balance on the e -Card regularly online at the CEB Website. Detailed monthly transactions can be obtained from our secured web page up to maximum of last three months. If the cardholder needs transaction details in printed form, CEB sends them only at card holder’s request at a cost of Rs.100 per month for a period of maximum six months.

  1. Lost or stolen or unauthorised use of e-Cards

In case of lost or stolen or unauthorised use of e -Card, it must be informed to CEB without delay by calling our hot line number 1987 for immediate suspension.