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Kurunegala Green Village inaugurated

CEB has inaugurated a Green Village in Kurunagala by General Manager of CEB Mr. M.C. Wicramasekera on 19 June 2015. Conservation and efficient use of energy – a National Priority is one of the thrust areas in recently launched Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan for a Knowledge based Economy. The Green Village is one of the concepts in the thrust area of efficient use of energy.
A land area, stretched from Malkaduwawa to Gettuwana in Kurunrgala, has been identified for the Green Village, which consists of 3,206 domestic, 842 General Purpose, 24 Industrial, resulting in total of 4,102 customers. All CEB meters at these customer installations are planned to be replaced with static meters or electronic meters, domestic customers are to be provided maximum three LED Lamps and efficient refrigerators, if they have inefficient such endusers on a loan scheme, recoverable in 12 installments with zero interest rate. An efficient street lighting system is planned to be installed within the Green Village. Further, many Demandside Management programmes; awareness programmes on energy efficiency, energy audits…etc. are also planned to be conducted in the Village.
At the inauguration, GM CEB opened a hoarding at the entrance to the Green Village and an inauguration session was conducted at Hotel Blue Sky with the participation of customers in the Green Village and distinguished invitees. Mr. M.A.D.N. Gration; Deputy General Manager of North Western Province has welcome all who gathered at the session, and Mrs. Yamuna Samarasinghe; Additional General Manager of Distribution Division 1, Mr. Bandula S. Tilakesena; Additional General Manager of Corporate Strategy and General Manager; Mr. M.C. Wicramasekera made speeches at the session.