VIDULI WASANA Awards Ceremony

Energy conservation competition winners felicitated.

Electricity is generated in Sri Lanka by using primary sources of hydro, fossil fuel, wind, solar, and bio- mass.  The composition of the generation mix varies owing to seasonal variations. But most of the time, contribution of fossil fuels is significant in electricity generation.  The all fossil fuels are imported and it contributes to green house gas emissions.  Hence energy efficiency or energy conservation is a prime requisite in Sri Lanka or imperative attribute to be inculcated among all citizen of Sri Lanka and among all sectors in the economy; industrial, commercial, domestic, and others,   all should be included.


With this background, Ceylon Electricity Board with the guidance of the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy has initiated a competition by the name of “Viduli Wasana” among the domestic customers in Sri Lanka in order to promote energy conservation among them.   This program was launched in the month of March to be effective from month of April.  The Viduli Wasana competition on Energy Conservation for all domestic electricity consumers commenced from the month of April 2016. In this Competition, the domestic consumers were required to reduce their energy consumption by at least 10% from the consumption in month of March 2016.

Domestic Electricity Consumers, who were willing to participate in this Competition, were first required to get registered themselves. A Raffle Draw had been conducted to select 6,000 winners from those registered consumers, who would become eligible for the draw through reducing their energy consumption (kWh / Units) by at least 10%. A monetary credit, equivalent to the winning Consumers’ electricity consumption for the month of April 2016, will be made available to first 1,000 winners, and a similar credit, equivalent to half of consumer’s electricity consumption in the month of April 2016, will be available to next 5,000 winners.

A section of the winners were awarded and felicitated 13 July 2016 at a ceremony held at Research & Development Branch of Ceylon Electricity Board with the patronage of Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya; Minister of Power and Renewable Energy and Hon. Ajith P. Perea; Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy and higher officials from Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company Pvt Ltd.


This competition was conducted among domestic consumers in areas, which are coming under Lanka Electricity Company Pvt Ltd (LECO) and section of the winners in LECO area were also awarded and felicitated at the same ceremony.