TOMMS is a comprehensive (EAM) Enterprise Asset Management or (CMMS) Computerized Maintenance Management System which is specially designed to reduce cost and improve organization bottom line. TOMMS is widely being adopted to manage and control asset maintenance in three main focus industries. These industries are facility maintenance, plant maintenance and lastly fleet maintenance. These 3 main industries focus on TOMMS extensively to reduce emergency breakdowns, improve their asset uptime and reduce unnecessary wastage of inventory. Thus, with the improve asset productivity to a higher state of efficiency and throughput ultimately improve their company's profitability. Two decades of experience, knowledge and principles in maintenance management industry have been incorporated into the development of TOMMS. TOMMS design and development structure strongly stressed on the following fundamentals: - easy of use, simplicity, flexibility, mobility and reusability. With these fundamentals, TOMMS has been tested and applied successfully in multiple industries like hospital equipment maintenance, where critical breakdowns could lead to the development of life threatening situations. As in the fleet industry like seaports, accidents are mainly caused by poor preventive measures which consequently incur unnecessarily delays in shipments and opportunity cost. In recent years, private companies and government sectors have come to recognize the value of TOMMS as a maintenance performance and improvement tool. With the advent of the Internet, it has further boosted TOMMS popularity as cost of purchasing it is affordable and the return of investment is enormous. Companies are also investing in TOMMS because they are generally designed to support the document control requirements of ISO 9002 and play an integral part in the Total Productive Maintenance philosophy.