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Greater Colombo Transmission & Distribution and Loss Reduction Project (GCT&DLRP)

The Greater Colombo Transmission and Distribution Loss Reduction Project is planned to strengthen the transmission and distribution network in Greater Colombo area in order to improve the reliability, reduce system losses and cater growing electricity demand due to mega development activities planned in the Colombo City. Under the project scope, capacity of the Greater Colombo power network has been doubled through new 220kV underground transmission cable network. Further, project improved the existing power network by construction of three new grid substations, augmentation of five existing grid substations, extension of two grid substations, laying of 34 km cable route length of underground transmission cables, laying of 31 km cable route length of underground distribution cables and installation of 88Nos. of new 11kV distribution panels. In addition to that, project supplied specialized vehicles required for maintenance work of distribution networks.  Scope of work of all three packages has been completed and now in defect liability period. Releasing of payments and clearing of defects are in progress.

Grid Substation “L” & “M”

Grid Substation “N” & Kelanitissa 33kV GIS Substation

Cable Jointing and Laying Work