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Service Agreements

Interested registered institutions can do following types of businesses with CEB. The main types of service contracts are as follows



How to Get Registered as a Service Contractor?

CEB obtains the above services from registered private contractors. Therefore one needs to get resisted with CEB as a service providing contractor.

Each CEB provincial office registers contractors for these services normally on annual basis. This is initiated by calling for Registration of contractors through paper advertisement in national newspapers. During the latter part of each year (around August/September onwards) requests are published in National newspapers to register contractors for these activities. Those interested can respond by submitting their information as requested in bidding documents available at the respective CEB Provincial office.

Once obtaining this information CEB will evaluate the information by checking the submitted data with inspection of original documents, interviewing the parties etc. and selection process will be made on a marking scheme.

Depending on the requirement of number of contractors and the number of applicants (who are capable of meeting the requirements of the CEB) final selection will be made. Those selected will be registered as contractors.Details regarding the probable time of advertising for registration of contractors can be obtained by contacting the Chief Engineer, Commercial of the CEB Provincial Office.